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Get Buddy Check reminders and school alerts on your cell phone.

How do I sign up?
Fill out the form below. You will receive a PIN confirmation number on your cell phone from 25543. Use it to log in.

If you receive the message
Please log in to update your subscriptions
, it means the phone number is already in the system. Please click here to add or change your alerts subscriptions. A PIN confirmation number will be sent to your cell phone from 25543. Use it to log in.

Is there a fee?
First Coast News does not charge for this service. However, message & data rates may apply from your mobile provider. Check with your mobile provider for charges and plans.

When will I get the alerts?
You will receive school alerts as soon as they are issued. Buddy Check reminders may be received on the 12th of every month.

I am having problems, who do I contact?
E-mail us at or go to

METROPCS CUSTOMERS: First Coast News text alerts are currently not supported for MetroPCS

SPRINT CUSTOMERS: If you aren't receiving texts, "premium short codes" may be blocked. Contact your local Sprint support (*611) and ask about releasing the shortcode 25543.

IPHONE APP USERS: There is an option for push notifications with the First Coast News iPhone app. If you have this app installed and push notifications turned on, it may look like a text alert. This can be modified in your iPhone app settings.

Sign Up Form

View the Text Alerts Sign-Up Form directly.

Cancel or Modify Text Alert Subscriptions

To cancel or modify your text alert subscriptions, click the Change Your Alerts link in the upper right of the form above.

If you would like to discontinue all text alert subscriptions, send the following text to 25543: STOP ALL

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